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Become a Ladderista today and help secure the future of the UK’s last truly radical theatre company!

We make theatre about how we live now, and how we hope to live. The world has got to change, and the future is not yet written. The shared experience of theatre is about transformation and imagination, where we can collectively invent a better, kinder, fairer way to be.

You know us: we’re not the Royal Opera House or the British Museum. You’ll find no bronze, silver and gold hierarchy here. We understand that when anyone makes a donation to us of any size it’s a big deal to them, and we won’t treat any of our supporters differently for giving more. What matters is that you are one of us. We won’t make grand promises – and we refuse to spend the money you give us on glitzy venues, fancy canapés and champagne – but our small committed team will show our gratitude to all Ladderistas in the best way we can by producing relevant, vital and inclusive theatre.

To join the Ladderistas click the link below and select ‘I’d like to give regularly’ and your chosen frequency, making sure your total donation is £60 or more. If you prefer, you can give £60 as a one off annual donation by clicking on ‘Just One Donation.’

And if you don’t feel able to sign up just now but still want to support us then feel free to give us a one-off gift. Every single donation makes a difference to Red Ladder’s future.