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‘Wrong’Un’ – the next Red Ladder show!

As ‘The Thing About Psychopaths’ finishes its national tour, the next Red Ladder production is now in rehearsal. ‘Wrong ‘Un’ by Boff Whalley is a one-woman Suffragette Musical

1914 and Britain is on the brink of war with Germany, while the smashed windows in the House of Commons tell of trouble nearer to home. Women fighting for the vote, let down again and again by a Liberal government, are taking direct action in their attempts to make Parliament take notice. Thrown into jails, often brutally force-fed by sadistic prison doctors, the women’s struggle mirrors the deathly prospect of mass war abroad.

Wrong ‘Un tells of the adventures of Annie Wilde, a Lancashire mill-girl galvanised by a rousing mixture of injustice, conviction, self-doubt and fear on her journey from schoolroom to prison cell.

A story in drama and song, of class, torture and war in Edwardian England.

‘Wrong ‘Un’ will be performed by Ella Harris and directed by Justin Audibert. Since 2008, when Justin was assistant director on the Red Ladder 40th anniversary production, ‘Where’s Vietnam?’ he has gone on to direct for The Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre.

‘Wrong ‘Un’ will open at the Leeds Big Bookend festival on June 9th then goes on to Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, Unite’s Women’s Week in Eastbourne, The Durham Miner’s Gala, The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and Ramsgate Festival in Kent.

To book for Leeds Big Bookend please visit http://www.bigbookend.co.uk/.