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27 September 2010 - 6 November 2010

Set in the not too distant future where climate change has reached the point of no return, where mass global migration is the norm and a new malevolent world order has begun to exist, UGLY presents audiences with bold and darkly funny theatre. An absurd futuristic satire about 4 characters’ survival and their search for hope and tenderness in a world that is suffering an environmental eclipse of the heart…

Mrs Mason, a disgraced home economics teacher, has been exiled to the Ghetto-Zone, a segregated place for those labelled Not Special. Here she is faced with the dilemma to keep sane and lose all hope or go mad and retain some humanity.  She chooses the latter, which is how she manages to meet each day working as a ‘food memories prostitute’ in such ridiculously high spirits.  It’s also why she’s so convinced that one day, the Minister from the Ministry for Mistakes, will let her return home… Only a terrible day of reckoning is coming when it falls to her to save two former pupils: Woody, now a successful army officer and Ben, a student, who have stumbled into the Ghetto-Zone by accident… Can she save them without destroying herself?  And, perhaps more importantly, can she do it without giving away the fact that she has Mert, a highly illegal immigrant hidden in her cupboard?

It’s going to be funny… very funny but you better believe it’s going to get very, very, UGLY…

UGLY is unsuitable for under 15’s

UGLY contains strong language and references of a sexual nature