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23 May 2015 -

Joe’s always loved stories – reading them, listening to them and making them up himself, but tonight he’s going to tell you his story… one that he’s never told before and that no one else knows.

Joe’s dad loves football and poaching for rabbits, Cal mostly loves picking on Joe (but that’s what big brothers are for isn’t it?), Joe can’t remember what his mum loves, it’s a long time since she was around and he was only little then.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Rabbitskin is a one-man play about family and childhood and love, and the pain that sometimes walks hand in hand with them.

‘In the hands of a skilled actor like Coronation Street regular William Fox it works beautifully as he even wrings out plenty of laughs…in this fluid performance’

– Review in Backseat Mafia of performance at Huddersfield Red & Green Club May 2015