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Homebaked: The Musical

24 September 2021 - 23 October 2021

Out of hard times, something magical can rise.

They didnt just want the loaf, they wanted the whole bakery. They didnt just want the bakery, they wanted the whole street!

Head over to the Royal Court this autumn to see a story of hard graft, hope and pies (mainly pies to be honest).

Back in 2012, the people of Anfield faced losing a huge slice of their local community to property developers. Things were looking bleak until a group of like-minded individuals got together and declared: “enough is enough”. Seeking a place for local lads to earn a crust they transformed a crumbling old bakery. Homebaked was born.

This was the first step on an epic journey. What started with a half-baked idea rose and peaked until it had spawned a thriving community business with plans to transform the adjacent terrace into environmentally sustainable, quality homes and commercial spaces with affordable rent. Is it really possible? A piece of cake.

This is a Liverpool story that needs to be celebrated, and Red Ladder are thrilled to partner up with Liverpool’s Royal Court to tell it with bags of music and belly laughs along the way.


Liverpool's Royal Court
24 Sep 2021 – 23 Oct 2021