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We’re Not Going Back

9 July 2014 - 21 February 2015

Red Ladder Theatre Company and Unite the Union present We’re Not Going Back, a hard hitting musical comedy about the 1984/85 miners’ strike. 

But in this play there are no miners. Instead, we follow the fortunes of three sisters in a pit village, hit hard by the Government’s war against the miners and determined to set up a branch of ‘Women Against Pit Closures’

Olive, Mary and Isabel are like any other sisters whose everyday squabbles became a background hum to the strike that forced them to question their lives, their relationships and their family ties.

We’re Not Going Back tackles the resilience of working communities, the make-and-mend fabric of family and the power of sticking two fingers up to a government hell-bent on destruction… and all with humour, song and a six pack of Babycham.

Red Ladder are delighted to be working with Unite the union, North East, Yorkshire & Humberside on this production. For further information about their work visit their website

This is top quality musical drama, exceedingly good and thoroughly uplifting. Viva Red Ladder!’

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Download the songs from We’re Not Going Back here

*Please note both showings on the 7th of March are not full performances but are instead an opportunity to hear the play’s cast, writer and musicians gather to perform extracts, sing songs and discuss the impact of the strike, the play and its audiences up and down the country.