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Brenda’s Got a Baby

11 October 2019 -

By Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company

Brenda is 16 and pregnant. Amy, her older sister, is the first in her family to go to university.

As one sister finds it hard to fit in at university with her council estate background, the other is discovering that becoming a mum is not what she thought it might be. As friends disappear and finances tighten, the sisters confront and confide in each other about their increasingly challenging lives.

Based on interviews with working-class women in Bradford, Brenda’s Got a Baby is a new verbatim play by Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company that explores the challenges that these two working class women face. The show tours to Red Ladder local venue St John’s Parish Church in Staincross after a run in New York and stars real-life sisters Jenny and Katie Mahon.

Running time: 50 minutes

‘A spectacular piece of theatre… Bloomin’ Buds’ brand of social commentary through drama will soon be gracing stages far more hallowed than that of our university… A complex issue has been discussed maturely and effectively, tied up in a narrative as spellbinding as it is familiar. The Gryphon (Leeds University) review

‘Brenda’s Got a Baby makes its points clearly and with enjoyable performances’ ★★★★  The Stage 

‘Brenda’s Got A Baby succeeds in telling a good story while at the same time highlighting some of the issues faced by working class girls. The Edinburgh Reporter

About the company: Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company aims to increase access to opportunity for people from lower and working class backgrounds. They do this by running weekly community sessions, organising community performances, running public events, doing workshops in schools and by making professional theatre pieces. Brenda’s Got a Baby is their second professional piece; their first ‘Rewrite the system’ was a sell out. For more details visit