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Joe’s dad loves football and poaching for rabbits, Cal mostly loves picking on Joe (but that’s what big brothers are for isn’t it?), Joe can’t remember what his mum loves, it’s a long time since she was around and he was only little then.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Rabbitskin is a one-man play about family and childhood and love, and the pain that sometimes walks hand in hand with them.

‘In the hands of a skilled actor like Coronation Street regular William Fox it works beautifully as he even wrings out plenty of laughs…in this fluid performance’

- Review in Backseat Mafia of performance at Huddersfield Red & Green Club May 2015



The Life and Soul

Jim’s always been a bit of a character, just like his Dad, and spends most of his life between the bookies, the pub and the football. He’s always had this lingering feeling though that he doesn’t quite fit into this world, that there’s something different about him, something wrong…

Jim’s never told his story to anyone before, but tonight he’s going to tell it to you…

Written by Chris O’Connor, Performed by Simon James Bailie, directed by Rod Dixon and produced by Jen Sullivan.

Performances will be at The Chemic Tavern, 9 Johnston St, Leeds LS6 2NG

7.30pm doors – 10pm finish, £6.00 + booking fee in advance, and £7.50 on the door.

Booking Link coming soon and will be posted below.


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