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The Not So Ugly Sisters

Dolly rests on her broom counting the passers-by outside the salon window, whilst her sister Barb watches the phone that never rings. It’s the morning of Cindy and Prince Smarming’s big royal wedding – but Dolly and Barb are not invited! Hell hath no fury like a hairdresser scorned!

A brand new musical re-telling of Cinderella from the perspective of the ‘Not So’ Ugly Sisters.

This production is suitable for the whole family, though some elements may be best enjoyed by those aged five and above.

A Leeds Playhouse, Red Ladder and Wrongsemble co-production


Homebaked: The Musical

Out of hard times, something magical can rise.

They didnt just want the loaf, they wanted the whole bakery. They didnt just want the bakery, they wanted the whole street!

Head over to the Royal Court this autumn to see a story of hard graft, hope and pies (mainly pies to be honest).

Back in 2012, the people of Anfield faced losing a huge slice of their local community to property developers. Things were looking bleak until a group of like-minded individuals got together and declared: “enough is enough”. Seeking a place for local lads to earn a crust they transformed a crumbling old bakery. Homebaked was born.

This was the first step on an epic journey. What started with a half-baked idea rose and peaked until it had spawned a thriving community business with plans to transform the adjacent terrace into environmentally sustainable, quality homes and commercial spaces with affordable rent. Is it really possible? A piece of cake.

This is a Liverpool story that needs to be celebrated, and Red Ladder are thrilled to partner up with Liverpool’s Royal Court to tell it with bags of music and belly laughs along the way.


The Damned United

Down the stairs… Along the corridor… Round the corner… Into the dressing room… HIS dressing room. Hateful, hateful place. Spiteful, spiteful place. Dirty, dirty Leeds.

1974. Brian Clough, the enfant terrible of British football, tries to redeem his managerial career and reputation by winning the European Cup with his new team: Leeds United. The team he has openly despised for years, the team he hates and which hates him. Don Revie’s Leeds.

Originally co-produced with the Leeds Playhouse, The Damned United takes you inside the tortured mind of a genius slamming up against his limits, and brings to life the beauty and brutality of football, the working man’s ballet.

‘a cracking piece of theatre’ 4* review from British Theatre 

‘swift, compact and bullishly to the point’ 5* review from Entertainment Focus 

‘Yes, this a play about football, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a tribute to an era-defining genius, a portrait of a man terminally wrapped-up in his own bravado, a study of loyalty and friendship under pressure…’ 4* Review in The Stage

By Anders Lustgarten
Adapted from the novel by David Peace
Directed by Red Ladder’s Artistic Director Rod Dixon

* Full Summer 2021 UK Tour will be announced very soon! *


My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored

A Red Ladder Theatre Company production with support from Leeds Playhouse and Oldham Coliseum Theatre

15 year-old Reece is roughly accosted by the police outside M&S. His young, Black teacher Gillian witnesses it all – but she doesn’t question or intervene in the disturbing scene that plays out.

As the hard and wet gravel embosses Reece’s face and the policeman’s knee digs into his back, his teacher stands frozen, with fears for her own safety engulfing her mind.

The consequences of her lack of action erupt the following day. Gillian finds herself locked in a classroom with her angry student. With no clear intent, Reece refuses to relinquish the key. He wants her to feel the irreversible breakdown of trust. He wants her to pay – and to know his pain.

A gripping tussle of power and an urgent interrogation of racial identity, written by emerging playwright Nana-Kofi Kufuor and directed by Dermot Daly

We will be touring The Difference Engine with the show – a tool that allows d/Deaf audiences to read performance captions on their phone. You can find out more information about it here.

Listen to Dermot’s audio blog from the rehearsal period here:

News of our Autumn 2021 tour will be announced soon!



Paul and Danny meet every Wednesday for a pint after work. It has been a tradition for three years, and 2020 is no different. But 2020 is different. And as the weeks continue the reality of this new world dawns upon them both and we see how they react as the world starts to fall into chaos all around them…

Paul and Danny are connected, and so are all of us.

Connected was written by Chris O’Connor and Paul Fox, performed by Stevie Ward and Paul Fox, directed by Rod Dixon, with sound by Dom Smith and is produced by Red Ladder Theatre Company in association with Mantality. Music was composed and performed by Claire-Marie Seddon with lyrics by Chris O’Connor and Claire-Marie Seddon.

Connected is available on Red Ladder’s Podcast which should be on all good podcasting apps. It is also available on our Soundcloud here:

And you can play through episodes below as well – latest episode is at the top!

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