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Red Grit is a unique actor training programme. For over 14 years we have offered high-quality, intensive actor training at no cost to the individual, right here in Leeds.

The course was created by Rod Dixon (Artistic Director) as a way of sharing the Red Ladder approach to acting. From creating a character to developing relationships and working as an ensemble, the course offers insight into the tools and techniques used in the Red Ladder rehearsal room. Every session is led by Rod, who brings over 40 years’ experience.

“For the last 14 years we have offered a free actor training course which introduces many of the rehearsal techniques I use in the Red Ladder rehearsal room. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. We encourage people who have never stepped onstage but would like to ‘give it a go’ as well as professional actors looking to keep their ‘acting muscles’ taut ! Red Grit is a physical course based on practitioners who have influenced my work throughout my 40 years in theatre.”


The course is free of charge and open to anyone who wants to explore their potential as an actor. We welcome people with a broad range of experience. From professional actors to total beginners – this is a space for everyone.


A typical Red Grit course will run for 8 evening sessions across 8 weeks or 4 weeks. 

The course is free but we do ask for a fair level of commitment. The sessions are designed chronologically so missing sessions means the sequence of learning is lost, and may be disruptive for the rest of the group. If you have any questions or concerns about the level of commitment required please feel free get in touch to start a conversation.

The course is physical and focusses very much on developing the actor, as opposed to improvisation or working with scripts.

“I wish I had done this course when I was 18 and not embarked on a three year diploma… I was told I would have to learn RP to get rid of the flat vowel sounds in my Yorkshire accent. I left halfway through the course. In leaving, I wrote myself off, disillusioned and with the anguish that somehow I had failed. The Red Ladder course has gone a long way to restore my faith in theatre as a language that can effect change and be part of the greater good… I cannot recommend it highly enough. ”



Red Grit is back! We are thrilled to confirm that we will be back in the studio with Red Grit in 2022. 

This programme is incredibly popular, and there is currently a waiting list. We are working to accommodate everyone, and will be in touch with information about the next available course as soon as possible.

We are still accepting applications, so if you would like to join the waiting list please email

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