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Nicobobinus Designer Call Out

Design Brief 

Red Ladder & DumbWise present…


Written by Terry Jones

Adapted for the stage by John Ward

Music by Eilidh Debonnaire



Nicobobinus is a fast paced and epic children’s fantasy adventure written by Monty Python’s Terry Jones. The story starts with Nicobobinus and his best friend Rosie wanting to embark upon a rather unrealistic adventure ‘to find the Land of Dragons’ and ends up quite effortlessly becoming just that! The tale begins in their native Venice where Nicobobinus’s arm is turned to solid Gold by an evil man, which as you can imagine makes Nicobobinus quite the commodity! He is then kidnapped by Pirates, stolen by Evil Monks, rescued by a magic ship, taken to the Ocean of Mountains (that move) kept by a snoring man in a log cabin, blown over the highest wall in the land by a hurricane, taken under the wing of a deceitful King and eventually flown to the Land of Dragons where the cure for Nicobobinus’s Golden arm lies in wait.

DumbWise are an actor-musician led theatre company; adapting classic and modern texts by composing original scores and fusing the emotive surge and sensitivity of live musicianship with dynamic storytelling.


The company works with writers, composers and musical directors to dramatise, score and re-imagine well known stories and new actor musician works for modern audiences. We apply our process to a wide range of material, targeting the audience of the original work and beyond. DumbWise are dedicated to producing new musical productions of all shapes and sizes; from fringe festivals to London runs, from music halls to small scale rural touring.


The adaptation is a musical and will be performed by a cast of 5 multi-instrumentalist – actor-musicians. There are two parts to this project.

1. Is a London run this Christmas (December 2014) and

2. Is a subsequent small to mid scale tour from February – April 2015.

The fundamentals of the set design will have to work for both. It is a hugely ambitious piece of touring theatre and needs a multi purpose and versatile set to match the pace and scope of the story. Red Ladder and DumbWise are dedicated to realising an inventive and impressive design, with high production values.


At this stage we would like to ask designers to express their interest in the specifics of the project by email, citing experience, style and giving us a flavour of their personal and professional personality. The deadline for this phase is Thursday March 13th 2014.  

Successful candidates from phase 1 will receive some excerpts of the script and a more detailed brief.

Phase 2 candidates will be asked to give a written account of how they might tackle the brief,  an overview of their style/vision for the piece and perhaps one sketch showing a set and costume idea. The deadline for phase 2 is Tuesday 1st April.

After which, a further few successful candidates will be invited to meet us to talk through their pitch.

Fee: at least ITC/Equity minimum of £2,351.00

Production Budget for set, props, costumes, travel, model making, out of pocket expenses and consumables in the region of £10,000

Please send phase 1 submissions to