Governance - Red Ladder Theatre Company

Red Ladder Theatre Company



Governing document

The charity is controlled by its governing document, a deed of trust, and constitutes a limited company, limited by guarantee, as defined by the Companies Act 2006.

  1. Method of apportionment of Management committee

The management of the company is the responsibility of the Management committee members who are elected and co opted under the terms of the company’s governing documents. One third of the directors/trustees retire annually by rotation and are eligible for re election. The constitution of the Committee is regularly reviewed and new appointments made after discussions regarding suitability for the specific need of the company.

  1. Constitution, policies and objectives

The company is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 17 May 1976 and registered as a charity on 17 May 1994 number 1037653.

The company is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association established on incorporation, as amended by special resolution dated 20 January 1994. Further non constitutional parameters for the company are found in its endorsed policies in relation to Equity, racial discrimination, equal opportunities, child protection et al. The principal object of the company continues to be to promote, maintain, improve and advance education particularly by production of plays and the encouragement of the arts of drama, dance, singing and music  and to formulate, prepare and establish schemes provided that all the objects are to produce accomplished, innovative and relevant plays that are artistically excellent and tour them nationally and to develop a love and understanding for the theatre as an art form through performance, training and other developmental methods.

  1. Public Benefit

Whilst planning the activities of the Charity the trustees have had due regard to the Commissioners guidance on public benefit. Red Ladder Theatre Company advances the education of the public by making theatre that is accessible by all and celebrates, inspires and challenges; developing the desire and ability to express ideas and break down social and cultural barriers. Red Ladder increases access to the arts playing in unconventional places and tackling subjects and issues which are important

  1. Policies adopted for the induction and training of Management committee

New Board Members receive the following information:

–       A RLTC business plan

–       General information about the organisation

–       Recent and forthcoming activities: brochures, publicity, press articles and programmes

–       Annual report and latest annual accounts

–       RLTC in house roles and responsibilities

–       A copy of the constitution and Articles and Memorandum

–       Summary of the history of the organisation

–       Mission statement and aims of RLTC

–       Artistic policy, equal opportunities policy, heath and safety policy, child protection policy, discipline and grievance procedure and accounting policy

–       Organisational structure, list of staff and management.

Prospective Board Members are then invited to observe the next board meeting. On acceptance from both parties the new Board Member will be invited to attend the next Board Meeting at which she or he will be voted on to the Board and in advance of that meeting be supplied with:

–       RLTC Business plan and budgets

–       Minutes of RLTC Board meetings for last 12 months

–       An agenda and papers for the forthcoming meeting

–       Board list: names, and brief biography

–       Dates, times and location of future Board meetings and events

–       Actors induction pack

–       Responsibilities of charity trustee’s members’ booklet – CC3

The Company Secretary will issue the following forms:

a). 288A or AP01 to be signed and returned to Companies House

b). Co-op bank declaration form for new Board members (for protection against money laundering)

The new Board member will also complete an RLTC new trustee declaration form to ensure their suitability as a Board member and all new Board members will be offered the opportunity to attend Board training through Arts & Business or some other qualified body.

e. Organisational structure and decision making

  1. The Board of Management meets at least four times a year and is responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the company. The day to day responsibility for the company is delegated to the Management Team of Red Ladder Theatre Company which, currently, comprises an Artistic Director and a Producer. There is one part time member of staff: Jason Barker (Technician) and a freelance Press & PR Manager, Jane Verity as at 31 March 2012.